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Cranmer Hall, St John’s College,

3 South Bailey, Durham DH1 3RJ

Cranmer Hall Relay Bursaries

Cranmer Hall is delighted to offer ten full Relay Bursaries each year, thanks to the generous support of a donor.

We recognize that there are a number of barriers which prevent people in the North East from accessing theological leadership training which will prepare them for Christian ministry. These include individual social and financial barriers: for many, it is a big step to enter university-level training, and this is only compounded by the financial costs of training which are substantial in a region where average incomes are lower, and where many churches are not able to offer significant financial support to students when they are training.

The Relay Bursaries are open to people from all backgrounds to train for Christian leadership and ministry, with the intention of developing aspiration across a range of churches in order to see people step up to leadership responsibility, for the ultimate flourishing of the local church. The Bursaries are open to individuals:

  • from any Christian church or denomination;
  • who are from the North East or have a substantial connection to the North East;
  • from other parts of the UK who wish to train and serve in the North East;
  • for whom cost represents a barrier to training.

The Relay Bursaries are available for study on our BA in Theology, Ministry, and Mission and our MA in Theology and Ministry programmes, at three levels:

  • full tuition fees only;
  • full tuition fees plus meals in College and travel pass; Travel up to £1000 p.a. reimbursed against travel pass or documented mileage
  • full tuition fees plus catered accommodation in College.

The award of a Bursary is for the duration of the programme (i.e. up to 3 years). Examples of envisaged applicants would include (but are not limited to): an individual from the North East taking our BA full-time over 3 years; an individual wanting to take the HE Certificate (first year of the BA) in 1 year whilst exploring a vocation; an individual extending study by 1 year to complete a BA who would otherwise be unable to do this; an individual moving to the North East to complete our MA in 1 year, with a view to ministry or further theological study in the region.

The Bursaries will be awarded to individuals who meet the above criteria, via our Bursary Application Form which is available from cranmer.admissions@durham.ac.uk (or downloaded below) and must be returned by 31 July.

Relay Bursary Application form
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