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‘Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…’  Romans 12:2

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List of undergraduate modules

This is a list of all the modules we offer at each level. Not every module is taught in very year and students should note that there are constraints that mean that certain choices will not be possible for them.

Introduction to the Bible TMMC1011
Methods of Reading the Bible TMMC1027
Elementary New Testament Greek TMMC1037
Continuing New Testament Greek (texts study) TMMC1047
Elementary Biblical Hebrew TMMC1057
Continuing Biblical Hebrew (texts study) TMMC1067
Introduction to Christian Doctrine and History TMMC1071
Introduction to Preaching in the Contemporary World TMMC1081
Mission and Evangelism (1) TMMC1091
Introduction to Aspects of Pastoral Care TMMC1107
Introducing Theological Reflection TMMC1117
Foundations for Reflective Practice in Context (short) TMMC1127
Introduction to Spirituality and Discipleship TMMC1137
Introduction to Christian Worship TMMC1147
Sexuality, Gender and Christian Ministry TMMC1157
Independent Learning Project (short) TMMC1167
Independent Learning Project (long) TMMC1171
Elements of Ministry and Mission in Context (FCT) TMMC1317
Foundations for Ministry and Worship in Context (FCT) TMMC1321
Foundations for Denominational Ministry (FCT) TMMC1331

Old Testament Studies TMMC2011
New Testament Studies TMMC2021
Topics in Christian Doctrine TMMC2031
Topics in Church History TMMC2047
Mission and Evangelism (2) TMMC2051
Developing Preaching in the Contemporary World TMMC2061
Preparing for Public Ministry TMMC2077
Exploring Leadership and Theology for Ministry and Mission TMMC2087
Mission Entrepreneurship – Principles TMMC2097
Mission Entrepreneurship – Practice TMMC2107
Education for a Learning Church TMMC2117
Death & Dying TMMC2121
Reflective Practice in Context (short) TMMC2137
Independent Learning Project (short) TMMC2157
Independent Learning Project (long) TMMC2161
Leadership and Theology for Ministry and Mission (FCT) TMMC2211

Independent Learning Project (short) TMMC3017
Independent Learning Project (long) TMMC3021
Extended Project in Theology, Ministry and Mission TMMC3032
Dissertation TMMC3042
Further Reflective Practice in Context (short) TMMC3057
Key Issues in Christian Faith and Ethical Living TMMC3067
Denominational Ministry TMMC3071
Conflict Transformation TMMC3087
Further Biblical Studies TMMC3091
Issues in Pastoral Ministry TMMC3107
Leadership and Theology for Ministry and Mission (FCT) TMMC3191

Note: FCT = Free Church Track. These modules are not available for Anglican Ordinands.