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‘Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…’  Romans 12:2

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Cranmer Hall, St John’s College,

3 South Bailey, Durham DH1 3RJ

My Cranmer Story

Here are ten different stories from some of our students and leavers about what they value most about Cranmer Hall.

Click on each video to find out what they think.

Alex Oehring

Alex talks about how studying theology at Cranmer has deepened his own faith.

Al Metcalfe

Al talks about how training at Cranmer has enabled him to bring together parts of the Christian life which are often forced apart.

Anne Marie Naylor

Anne-Marie talks about how a combination of doctoral research and formational community have prepared her for ministry.

Caroline Taylor

Caroline talks about how placements have been a vital part of her training at Cranmer Hall.

Michelle Delves

Michelle talks about how training at Cranmer has been a blessing to both her and her daughter.

Jenni Foreman

Jenni has found Cranmer a place where she can go deeper in her faith and experience ministry in all its diversity…

Jake Belder

Jake has been studying for a DTHM while training for Anglican Ministry here…

Elliott Ireton

Elliott came north from London with his family to train. They have just loved it…

Amy Ward, Independent Student

Amy is studying Theology Ministry and Mission as an independent student (CUG) having served overseas with LatinLink…

Alice Ward

Alice trained at Cranmer while living in Newcastle and serving in her home church…

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