A vibrant and diverse evangelical Christian community.

‘Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…’  Romans 12:2

Cranmer Hall, St John’s College,

3 South Bailey, Durham DH1 3RJ

Study options

Cranmer Hall offers a varied programme of excellent academic awards in Theology, Ministry and Mission from Durham University.

This is supported by practical ministry training of the highest quality. The mix of a world class university and a variety of challenging missional settings provides a unique context for formation and learning for ministry.

We are committed to excellence of provision in all areas of training, and pay particular attention to tailoring courses to the needs of individuals. Most students on the courses for ordination are full time, although many travel into Durham daily or weekly to study. The teaching programme follows the University terms, and teaching is delivered from a Monday to a Thursday giving students a healthy rhythm of a study day, a placement day and a day off each week. There is also a possibility of taking the courses part time.


Disability Awareness

Cranmer Hall seeks to enable all our students to engage with their learning here to their fullest potential. In particular, we endeavour to assist students with specific learning differences or disabilities to receive the support they require. For us, this is not simply a matter of compliance with the Equality Act (2010), but is part of our understanding of following Christ. Jesus said that he came so that we might have life in all its fulness, and we desire to see that fulfilled also in our academic life. If you have questions, please contact us at cranmer.admissions@durham.ac.uk. See also Durham University’s Disability Support https://www.dur.ac.uk/disability.support/

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Further Options

One of the options that is open to those studying for three years at Cranmer Hall is to spend much of their first two years doing the Durham University Department of Theology and Religion Degree.

We would be happy to discuss this option with you, although applicants should note that this route involves additional entry criteria and is not open to all.

Further details about the department are available at www.dur.ac.uk/theology.religion

Vocations and Mentor Directory

This resource is for those at any stage on the journey towards lay or ordained ministerial vocations, who might feel that they would like to have a knowledgeable friend, who is like them, to accompany them along the way.

All the mentors are volunteers who are passionate about supporting people from underrepresented groups on their vocational journey.  Your mentor will not be taking decisions on your process or be your advocate.


Exploring vocation is a journey that we always take with others, because discerning vocation is the task of the church, not just individuals.  Coming alongside someone seeking to discern where God is at work in their lives and where God is leading, is a huge privilege.  Being a mentor will be a rich experience and a blessing: the blessing of seeing the God of love at work in the lift of his people

Archbishop Justin Welby



This is one of the most sophisticated professional degree schemes I have come across anywhere in the world. There can be no doubt that this programme is at the cutting-edge of its subject. The staff involved in teaching this programme are all doing a very good job, and show much evidence of creative teaching as well as competent understanding of their various disciplinary specialities.”
Professor John Drane